Jay Forman

One Way Ticket

Travel writer Lee Smith experiences a bumpy landing when she returns to Canada from a Caribbean cruise. A text from her best friend, billionaire Jack Hughes, pops up on her phone before her plane has even stopped at the gate in Toronto - "Somebody tried to kill me". Just over three hours (and one speeding ticket) later, she’s standing beside Jack’s hospital bed near her home in the beautiful Muskoka area of Ontario. Jack wasn’t kidding; someone tried to run him over. Even worse, it happened at Berkshire, the prestigious school where they first met.

Twenty years earlier, Berkshire’s iron gates and thick walls may have kept Lee safe from the media frenzy over her father’s sensational trial, but they also locked her into her own kind of prison. Despite the elaborate story she made up to hide her identity, her classmates found out who she really was and bullied her mercilessly. The emotional scars left behind still haven’t healed.

Berkshire’s walls haven’t kept a current student safe, either. A seventeen year old girl has tumbled out of the Berkshire tower to her death. Did she jump? Was she pushed? Her father hopes Jack, with his money and clout, will be able to find out what really happened. Lee would rather travel to any other place on the planet than return to Berkshire … but … Jack needs her help. And maybe the time has come to face her old demons?

Back inside Berkshire, Lee finds sex tapes, a blackmail scheme, and a murderer who isn’t done yet. When Lee comes dangerously close to being the murderer’s next victim Jack insists that she get out of Berkshire, once and for all. But the thing about Lee is, she doesn’t react well when someone tries to tell her what to do.

One Way Ticket is a suspense-filled tale, exposing all the sins that make us human. A must read for anyone who survived their school years, scars and all.


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